Cold Christmas for Toon family

Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith

A Peterhead woman has spoken of her anger after she and her family were left with no heating or hot water over the festive period.

Amanda Smith’s heating system broke down on Wednesday, December 14 and she called Sanctuary Scotland to report the issue.

She was told an engineer would visit the following day athough someone didn’t turn up until Friday, December 16.

The engineer told her the system couldn’t be repaired at the time and would take an extra week.

She was offered an electric fan heater as a temporary fix but this didn’t help to heat her home.

In an additional blow, Amanda discovered a puddle in her boiler cupboard on Wednesday, December 29.

Amanda spoke to the Buchanie after trying in vain to receive action from Sanctuary Scotland.

She said: “I am really angry, I could have managed if it was just a week but it went on for three.

“The heaters they offered me were small, didn’t give off any heat and were expensive to run.

“I went out to buy halogen heaters but didn’t have enough money.

“I have had to use my bed quilts in the living room to keep warm.

“I had my one-year-old grandson stay with me over Christmas and he had to sleep with two quilts.

“My 17-year-old son has asthma and he has been affected by the cold.”

An engineer installed a new boiler on the same day the Buchanie visited Amanda.

She added: “I can’t believe that they left it so long, the only hot water we’ve had was from the shower and kettle.”

Pat Cahill, director of Sanctuary Scotland, said: “We are pleased that the customer’s heating is up and running after we installed a new boiler on January 5.

“We provided her with temporary electric heaters and offered to pay for the electricity charges incurred while the replacement was on its way, but that notwithstanding, we would like to apologise for the delay over the Christmas period.”