Clean up Drummers Corner, urges community council

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PETERHEAD Community Council has raised concerns over the condition of Peterhead’s Drummers’ Corner.

The group, which meets monthly to discuss issues relating to the Blue Toon, said the town centre was in need of a good clean up.

A popular place for townsfolk to sit and congregate, the area looks worse for wear and needs freshening up say members.

Wooden benches, often used by families and mothers with children, are often covered with rubbish and have cigarette ends in between the slats.Most are covered with bird droppings and some slats are broken or missing completely. A wooden notice board at the far side is disused and the glass once used to shield notices from the rain is missing.

A flag pole behind a group of three telephone boxes is broken with the flag hanging off.

Nearby a large piece of wood has been thrown into a flower bed.

PCC chairman Jan Brown said: “The seating at Drummer’s Corner is in a state of disrepair. This is an area that most people use at one time or another to sit while they are in the town centre. It just looks like it needs a good scrub”.

Members of the public have agreed, saying that they would like to see the area cleaned up.

Dad David Fisher (26), enjoys sitting at Drummers Corner when the weather is nice with his partner, Kimberley, and their baby daughter, Jamie.

He said: “It used to be really nice to spend time sitting here but it has gone downhill. There always seems to be anti-social behaviour going on and it makes it less nice to sit here. The benches are a mess and need cleaned”.

He says he would like to see the area tidied up and the bandstand used for entertainment, perhaps a monthly market like the ones in Aberdeen.

Kimberley Youngson (21) added: “There is nowhere else to sit in the town centre. It’s a shame this bit is starting to look rundown”.

The community council has contacted Aberdeenshire Council to discuss the matter.