Cineworld premier for Peterhead brothers film

Poster for Revolution of Juche
Poster for Revolution of Juche

Two brothers from Peterhead will have their new film about a North Korean refugee premiered at Cineworld in Aberdeen this August.

John-William and Graeme Noble, who run the independent Christian film group Noble Brothers Productions, will premier The Revolution of Juche on Thursday August 4.

The film follows the story of North Korean refugee Dujuan, played by John-William’s wife Binglin Luo, after she escapes to China as a child with her mother.

After escaping from North Korea Dujuan faces a lot of abuse from her stepfather - something John-William says is: “A very common occurrence for North Korean women who manage to escape their homeland.”

Dujuan moves again and becoming a Christian but facing further dangers because of her past and identity Dujuan flees to the UK where she faces the biggest challenge yet.

John-William said: “It is not a stereotypical Christian film and deals with some hard-hitting and gritty issues that North Korean people face and the trials faced by refugees in China.

“The concept of the film is based on the ideology of Juche, interpreted by a psychotic individual who tries to crush any religious beliefs in a very disturbing way.

The film was shot on location in China as well as parts of the North of Scotland and

John-William said: “For a number of year’s I have been quite interested in the circumstances in North Korea.

“I felt that this was something me and my brother could put on the big screen.”