Church members plan visit to the Phillipines

David Strachan during a previous visit to the Phillipines.
David Strachan during a previous visit to the Phillipines.

A group of volunteers is due to head to the Phillipines in the coming weeks.

Daniel Sutherland, who is a Youth and Community Pastor, will travel with David and Grace Strachan and their daughter, Grace Louise, all of whom are members of the Apex Church in Peterhead.

They will spend their first week in Sefton village in the northern Phillipines. It is estimated that the journey from the airport to Sefton will take ten hours by bus. The group plans to visit a children’s orphanage, schools, a hospital, prisons and squatter camps.

David has been out to the Phillipines on 13 occasions. However, this will be Daniel’s first visit to the South-east Asian country. Whilst there, Daniel is going to be one of the speakers at a regional youth event, which will include worship bands.

During the visit the group will also visit the Phillipines’ capital city, Manila. Whilst there, they will go to Tondo where local people work on a massive rubbish dump segregating the rubbish. There is a warehouse which has been converted into living quarters for 300 people. However, it has no proper sanitation.

Commenting, Daniel said: “I am very excited and have a huge sense of anticipation.

“David and Grace’s stories of the Phillipines have moved me to want to go over there myself. The people there are in such a disadvantaged place.

“I feel it is very important to get involved in work like this at home and abroad.”

David commented: “My family and I are looking forward to meeting our Filipino friends again. We get a huge amount of satisfaction from these trips.

“We are looking forward to sharing God’s love and compassion with people who are living in very difficult situations.”

Before the trip, a Harvest service will be held at the Apex church where David and Daniel are members. Anyone who wishes to make a donation is being encouraged to give items such as: wellie boots, dried foods, dried baby milk, dried baby food, pasta, dried soups, tinned tuna and/or tinned meat. However, it is asked that donations do not include foods which come in plastic or glass jars which can break.

After the service, members of the public will be still be able to make donations which can be delivered to the Strachan Partnership in Peterhead.