Cheers!: First Minister’s gift aids charity

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FIRST MINISTER Alex Salmond gave some extra support to Mintlaw woman Elizabeth Forsyth’s latest fundraising activities when he donated a bottle of Scottish Parliament whisky as a raffle prize.

The ‘guess the squares’ raffle which Elizabeth held raised £50, and after Mr Salmond won the bottle, he re-donated it for a second time to boost the total.

Elizabeth began fundraising for the Cystinosis Foundation UK in 2005.

She said: “My granddaughter Lena has cystinosis, so it’s something that is very close to heart, I began fundraising when she was four and I do all sorts from organising events to selling knitting, crafts and raffles. I’m always kept very busy!

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without my husband James, he takes me everywhere, helps with the carrying and setting up, so he’s just as involved as I am.

“Lena picked the winning number for the raffle and it was very kind of the First Minister to re-donate the whisky. “We are continuing to sell these raffles at the moment.”

In the six years Elizabeth and James have been fundraising around £10,000 has been donated to the Cystinosis Foundation UK.

Elizabeth added: “We would really like to extend our thanks to the continued support we’ve had from everyone over the years, they’ve helped us raise an amazing amount of money.”