Can you give Tareq a loving home?

Tareq requires rehoming
Tareq requires rehoming

Fraserburgh Cats Protection has a cat called Tareq, which means Morning Star in Arabic, in its care.

Tareq has now been in their care for 118 days, far too long, and has seen many cats come and go to new homes in this time but has always been overlooked.

She went to a new home once but was returned just two days later because she terrified the children in the house by doing nothing but hissing and spitting at them.

She needs a home with a more mature family or someone who wants companionship, but will also respect her very independent nature.

She came into the care of Fraserburgh Cats Protection during the really cold spell of weather this year and the people whose land she strayed onto were snowed in.

A spokesperspon said: "They had cat unfriendly dogs so were unable to take her in. They did, however, make her comfortable in a shed with an old quilt and she was happy and well fed until they could bring her to the Fraserburgh branch.

"She is around a year-and-a-half old, has had flea and worm treatments, is neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated."

For more details - or if you are interested in re-homing Tareq - please get in touch via the Fraserburgh Cats Protection Facebook Page.