Campaign to repair Aden vandalism

Jack Grant with the remains of a gate which was smashed
Jack Grant with the remains of a gate which was smashed

Vandals targeted popular Mintlaw attraction last week

Various pieces of equipment were stolen, the Aden shop, Cafe and Allotments were broken into, and the vandals also used tractors to smash into gates to access the depot.

The Aden Cafe window was smashed by vandals

The Aden Cafe window was smashed by vandals

Luckily the depot had CCTV cameras that caught the culprits on film and the images were handed to the police.

Three teenage boys - two aged 13 and a 14-year-old - have been charged in connection with the thefts and break-ins.

They were subsequently traced and charged during dedicated proactive enquiries last weekend, and a report will be sent to the Youth Justice Management Unit (YJMU).

Commenting on the vandalism at Aden, Liz Scott of the Buchan Development Partnership, said: We’re responding to requests from the local community, who were saying that they wanted to help contribute or do something to put right the things that have gone wrong.

“We’re now trying to raise enough money for more CCTV coverage for the park and to put cash towards projects that would benefit from help.

“Buchan Development Partnership and the Friends of Aden Country Park are fully committed to supporting the continued development of the Park as well as organising and delivering events in the Park, in most cases they are free to everybody to enjoy.

“Thousands of hours of volunteer time is committed over the course of a year, not to mention the excellent work done in support of this by Landscape Services staff.

“The £53,000 that will be needed to cover the repair costs may well jeopardise the future planned expenditure in the Park, as well as threatening the Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People application that was to be submitted in February.”

She added: “Groups like Willowbank depend on the Park for placements and for many of their clients it is somewhere they enjoy working in a safe environment, people enjoy walking in safety either in groups or by themselves.

“New projects establish and rely on people behaving responsibly allow their project to bring enjoyment to many.

It will be disappointing if these boys actions spoil the community feel within the Park and it is important that the community continue to take ownership of this fantastic resource.”

The crowdfunding page can be found at