Calling time on anti-social behaviour

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Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership and Grampian Police have joined forces in a bid to stamp out antis-ocial behaviour and violent conduct.

In a bid to further prevent violent conduct within licensed premises in Peterhead, Buchan Inspector Kenny Coutts has introduced polycarbonate drinking glasses to the town’s nightclubs, including DejaVu, Nemesis and Mambos.

Inspector Coutts said: “I promised the public in the Buchan area that in conjunction with our partners we would tackle the various forms of violent behaviour in Peterhead and the introduction of polycarbonate glasses will assist that aim.

“Glasses and bottles are often used in fights on licensed premises when the perpetrator uses the first thing at hand as a weapon and the consequences can change the lives of all concerned, often causing serious injury, disfigurement or in the worst case scenario fatality.

“Peterhead has a thriving night time economy which attracts hundreds of people throughout the weekend. Working closely with the Peterhead Pubwatch Scheme and Aberdeenshire Community Safety it is pleasing to see the three Nightclubs in Peterhead take this initiative and introduce polycarbonate glasses into their premises.

“These polycarbonate glasses will also create a safer working environment for their staff as some suffer cuts from broken glass while serving, clearing up or washing. We have increased our interaction with staff and licensees of local licensed premises, undertaking extra visits and patrols to ensure the area is a safe place for people to socialise.”

Kate Rigby of Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership, which funded the glasses, said: “This initiative is a fantastic way to cut violent conduct and in conjunction with Operation Whalsey will allow Aberdeenshire to continue to be a safe place to live”.

The town’s DejaVu nightclub has been using the polycarbonate glasses since July 2009, and suggested that all three of the town’s nightclubs used them as well.

Sandy Garrock, manager of DejaVu and chairman of Peterhead’s Pubwatch group, said it will have a good impact on current nightlife in Peterhead.

“Not only do we have these new glasses provided by Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership but now every night club in the town is on the same par. There will be no broken glasses meaning there won’t be a need to replace glasses either. There’s also the hugely positive safety aspect to these glasses and as they are indestructible, there is no risk of injury to people within the nightclubs.”