Cafe Church launches this Saturday

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PETERHEAD’S Apex Church is combining the power of the Gospel with the lure of coffee in an innovative new project being launched this weekend.

Apex will introduce Cafe Church at Symposium at the Lido at 7pm on Saturday (March 23), the first of monthly sessions inviting the Buchan community into a relaxed cafe atmosphere to hear the word of God.

The friendly service from Symposium staff and the community spirit of Apex Church will ensure there is a warm welcome for everyone – whether you are a churchgoer or not.

Cafe Church is a place to make friends with the freedom to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere with no pews and no long sermons.

Special guest for the inaugural Cafe Church is Pastor Mark Ritchie – a passionate Scotsman who has travelled all over the world communicating about the cross. He mixes a unique blend of humour with the Gospel message. In July 1996, Mark went full-time as a national Evangelist and since then he has ministered in a number of formats, ranging from football stadiums to after dinner speeches.

Recently, Mark teamed up with Brighter Ideas to engage on a 70-day trek across the UK where he covered 700 miles and hosted 30 events reaching 9,000 people with the message of the cross.

Commenting on the first Cafe Church, Apex Pastor, Neil Cameron, said: “The idea behind Cafe Church is to provide a relaxed environment with a cafe culture.

”It’s an informal environment where we will combine church and coffee (as well as tea and soft drinks) and perhaps give people a different perspective on what church is.

”Why Café Church? Well, we have discovered that for many people today even coming into a church building can feel strange although those same people have burning questions about their lives which they want to find answers to.

“Here at Apex, we want to try to make church a place that is relaxed and accessible. We know that lots of people want to talk about faith but perhaps find a traditional service hard to understand or too confusing.

“So we are creating space for people to encounter God through relevant Bible teaching, contemporary music and inspiring personal stories.

“Seated around tables instead of sitting in rows, Cafè Church will give you an opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed, informal setting with no strings attached.

“Cafè Church is still church – it’s just a little different. Often people think of church as being an intimidating place, rigid in expression and atmosphere.

”At Cafe Church, that impression will be swept away as we aim to create an environment that is easy to invite friends to, where the music is contemporary and the preach is not too long.”

Pastor Neil added: “Cafe Church will be held once a month at Symposium at the Lido – there will be a different speaker each month.

”Hopefully it will grow as word spreads. The good news of Jesus never changes, but we must understand that society today responds to different medias. It’s the Gospel, but the very expression of how that will be presented is more relaxed at Cafe Church.”