Buttery Morning held to launch Age Peterhead

Sheena Booth of Age Peterhead serves some tea at the Buttery Morning
Sheena Booth of Age Peterhead serves some tea at the Buttery Morning

A Buttery Morning in the Old Parish Church Hall was held recently to celebrate the name change of Peterhead Aged and Infirm Committee to Age Peterhead.

Admission was free and the occasion was well supported by members of the public who learned about the role of the volunteer charity.

Age Peterhead's Buttery Morning sign

Age Peterhead's Buttery Morning sign

Peterhead Aged and Infirm Committee has an illustrious record in the town and surrounding area.

Founded in 1968 largely by the efforts of Bill McDonald, the organisation quickly became involved in the town’s community life and organised a survey of the needs of the town’s OAP’s.

In the early years Peterhead Academy Pupils helped with visiting old people and a luncheon club was started in 1971 and at its height was providing 1,900 lunches per year.

In 1972 the committee co-ordinated a response to the coalminers strike enabling coal to be distributed among the old and this was repeated during the 1975 strike.

The Buttery Morning was hailed a success by organisers

The Buttery Morning was hailed a success by organisers

In 1974 the committee operated a scheme for concessionary bus travel within the town boundaries.

The first minibus was purchased in 1979 and in 1980 the first caravan appeared on the scene, RAF Buchan, Rotary, the Academy pupils and the Prison Officers helping the townspeople with the purchases.

Replacements followed through the years with the townspeople contributing generously to the fundraising.

In the early 1990’s a sitter service was started under the able leadership of Mrs Jean Thom MBE who retired only last year.

Several local people have occupied the chair over the decades, driving the organisation forward, these included Jeannie Lamb, Charlie Kelman, Ian Buchanan and Jim Brown.

In recent years, as changing economic conditions and legal requirements took effect, the Organisation has felt the need to adapt to the new circumstances and with that in mind has changed its legal status to that of a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation with its name changed to Age Peterhead.

Under the chairmanship of Joyce Clark the committee continues at its Thistle Street premises to operate two residential caravans at Fochabers, a nine seater minibus, a sitter service and an information centre in the office.

These services are still appreciated by the public in the area and there is still a need for additional volunteers to help the existing team to maintain and expand these services.

Anyone interested in helping with the organisations work is invited to call in at the office at 8 Thistle Street.

Age Peterhead‘s telephone number remains the same at 01779 472331, you can email agepeterhead@gmail.com or visit www.agepeterhead.org.