Warning over wind energy profits

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A LEADING Aberdeenshire businessman has claimed Scotland is sacrificing an estimated £1 billion in potential annual income from renewable energy.

Maitland Mackie maintains multi-national energy companies are being allowed to ‘cream-off- any profits from wind energy.

The Aberdeenshire farmer and entrepreneurial businessman gave the warning in an open letter to Fergus Ewing, Scotland’s Minister for Energy and Tourism.

In his letter he urges the Scottish Government to do more to keep the profits in Scotland by easing the planning regulations which, he says, act as a disincentive to farmers and landowners to invest in wind energy themselves. He argues that by renting out sites for turbines to developers for ‘peanuts’ rather than investing in wind energy themselves, farmers, landowners and local communities are missing out on huge potential profits.”

His comments came after it emerged last week that around 1,100 planning applications have been tabled for windfarm developments since 2007.