Turbine decision deferred

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A decision on a planning application for a single wind turbine at Yonderton Farm near Hatton has been deferred at a recent meeting of Aberdeenshire Council’s Buchan Area Committee.

Councillors heard that permission had already been granted for the construction of two small turbines in July 2010, but that the developers, J & G Energy, wished to apply for permission for a larger 38-metre high windmill to be erected instead.

The committee was told that Infrastructure Services (Environmental Health) felt they could not support the project on the basis that the project may have an adverse affect on nearby properties due to noise.

Objections had also been raised against the project by the Ministry of Defence. Defence Estates (MoD) objected to the development because the turbine would conflict with safeguarding criteria. Due to its proximity to RAF Buchan, it was feared that the presence of the turbine could affect radar equipment and the ability of the RAF to ensure surveillance in the area near to the windmill.

Councillor Stephen Smith commented at the meeting: “I have spoken with the applicant and they are considering reducing the height of the turbine.”

Cllr Smith suggested that any decision on the green-energy scheme be deferred to allow the applicant time to address height and noise issues, as well as concerns raised by the MoD.

All councillors agreed to defer the decision until a future meeting of the committee.