Trawlermen and tourism...

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WITH the possibility of a new series focusing on the fishing industry being commissioned, the Buchanie asked its readers if such a series would benefit the town and perhaps raise its profile with tourists.

Blue Toon skipper Jimmy Buchan revealed to the Buchanie last week that a new fishing programme could be commissioned by Channel 4.

Jimmy said: “I was contacted by a media company with a view to doing a new series – not Trawlermen, but in a similar vein, and this time from Channel 4.

“It has not been fully commissioned yet, but a cameraman will be coming away with me in the next couple of weeks on a ‘recce’ shoot to see if a new series is possible.

“It’s been five years since we last filmed Trawlermen and in our industry things have moved on dramatically.

“People have left us and new faces have joined and fishermen have been burdened with a whole new regime of rules and regulations,” he said.

Jimmy said as well as taking a trip aboard his vessel, Amity II, the cameraman would be filming around the harbour area.

“Obviously a series still has to be commissioned, but hopefully this raw footage will be enough for them to go ahead.

“Hopefully we can prove that our seas are healthy and being fished sustainably and people need to eat fish!” he added.

Many readers agreed that the series would benefit the town, but there was definitely a mixed bag of replies on our Facebook page.

Here are just a few of your comments:

Wendy Cameron: “I love the programme . It does benefit our town and puts us on the map ... let’s support it.”

Pete Bayliss: “no, the town would benefit from a lower crime rate, cleaner centre and better quality shopping and also a cleaner beach, free from discarded fishing nets and oil drums, the only people that would benefit from another fishing program would be the fishermen in it and what good is that to us?”

Michelle Thores: “I loved Trawlermen though and there are a few places on my bucket list to visit after seeing certain programmes so I think it would benefit the town.”

Peter Bruce: “Every summer we have had visitors coming to Peterhead because of the trawler men series .. Every other town would have capitalised on the trawlerman series just even with trawlermen cafe

Dianne Niven: “Peterhead would benefit from a decent set of shops to spend our pennies in instead of “trawling” through to Aberdeen for essential shopping when money could be spent in our town. Local councillors need to be more on the ball with current issues affecting our town and residents!”

Amy Buchan: “I am a local shop owner in Peterhead and quite believe it would!

You would all be surprised at how many customers I have coming into my shop every summer (visitors to the town) asking where the harbour is and if any if the boats featured in trawler men are in!

Perhaps not all of them are visiting just looking for the crews/boats featured in the programmes but alot are!

And at the end of the day anything that brings people into Peterhead is a good thing is it not?”

Judith Buchan: “My son is also named Jimmy Buchan. His father lived in Love Lane, we now live in Australia and we love watching Trawlermen.”

And the last word goes to Peterhead’s very own Trawlermen star...

Jimmy Buchan: “Going by the people that I have met who have made Peterhead there destination in the off chance they will see the trawlers and crews I would say YES!”