Toon regeneration strategy moves forward

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Councillors agreed to move the regeneration strategy for Peterhead forward yesterday as it was presented to them at the Buchan Area Committee.

The strategy would see a new Partnership formed for the regeneration of Peterhead, made up of five officers, two nominated local councillors and three from the Infrastructure Services Committee.

The Councillors largely agreed with the Partnership make up but did put forward a recommendation to the council that they would want officers from Peterhead North and South on the Infrastructure Services Committee to be considered for roles on the Partnership.

Alan Gardiner, Councillor for Peterhead North and Rattray who also sits on the Infrastructure Services Committee, welcomed both the strategy and the recommendation.

He said: “We have had a lot of talking - now let’s get some action.”

Councillor Stephen Smith also welcomed the strategy, asking if he could nominate Buchan Area Committee Chair Stuart Pratt and Councillor Tom Malone.

Some of the guidelines set out in the new strategy for Peterhead include achieving educational excellence, improving attainment at Peterhead Academy and developing the physical and social assets for 21st century education.

Other strategies outlined involve improving the town centre and meeting the housing needs of the community.

The harmonious agreement between Peterhead councillors was in stark contrast to the Banff, Macduff and Broch regeneration discussions with councillors locking horns over the make-up of the Partnerships.