Toon British Legion set to disappear

Peterhead Remembrance Day parade 2015.
Peterhead Remembrance Day parade 2015.

The British Legion in Peterhead could soon be a thing of the past if ex-service members don’t volunteer and join the committee by January.

Following the death of two serving committee members this year and several honorary members are set to retire leaving only one ex-service member on the committee.

Dennis Bruce, Honorary Chairman of Peterhead’s British Legion, said: “ The legion branch can’t continue if there’s no ex-service people on the committee.

“Ideally the commitee should be about fifty per cent ex-service people but I can’t see that happening.”

The remaining members of the Peterhead branch will now host an EGM on January 17 next year to determin the future of the legion.

If no new ex-service people come forward to become members of the legion at that meeting then moves will be made to wind it down by the end of January.

So far, Mr Bruce said, nobody has came forward.

The main function of the branch recently has been to organise the Poppy Appeal and the Armistice Parade.

The existence of these in Peterhead would be in doubt without a branch to organise them.

Mr Bruce himself is not an ex-service man and as such is only an honorary member of legion.

The venue of the meeting on January 17 has yet to be finalised and will be announced closer to the time.