Thainstone prices

Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 28 prime cattle at Thainstone, Inverurie on Thursday, November 7.

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (nine) averaged 227.2p (-0.8p) and sold to 248p per kg for a 630kg Limousin from Whiteside, Tullynessle, and purchased by Bruce of the Broch, Fraserburgh, and £1,593.30 for a 705kg Shorthorn from Nether Overhill, New Pitsligo.

Prime heifers (nine) averaged 227.7p (+5.6p) and sold to 254p per kg for a 470kg Limousin from Whiteside, and purchased by West End Butchers, Peterhead, and £1,577.40 gross for a 660kg Limousin from Standingstones, Echt, and purchased by C Anderson, Dumfries.

Young bulls (two) averaged 179.8p +0.7p) and sold to 183p per kg for a 740kg Saler and £1,451.40 gross for a 820kg Saler from Newseat of Tolquhon, Tarves

30 to 48 Month - Heifers (eight) averaged 208.2p (-3.8p) and sold to 231p per kg for a 540kg Limousin from South Crichie, St Katherines, and £1,952.20 gross for a 860kg Limousin from West Knock, Mintlaw.

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Hillside, Fetternear (Lim) 230p; Nether Overhill, (Sho) 226p.

Prime heifers: Standingstones (Lim) 239p; Whiteside (Lim) 233p; Nether Overhill (Cha) 230p.

Young bulls: Newseat of Tolquhon (Sal) 177p.

30 to 48 month - Heifers: West Knock (Lim) 227p; Smallburn Farms, Elgin (Lim) 223p; Sibmister, Castletown (Sim) 209p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Whiteside (Lim) £1,562.40; Hillside (Lim) £1,518. Prime heifers: Fairburn, Longmanhill (Cha) £1,463; Standingstones (Lim) £1,439.10; Nether Overhill (Cha) £1,426.

Young bulls: Newseat of Tolquhon (Sal) £1,354.20.

30 to 48 month - Heifers: - Smallburn Farms (Lim) £1,928.95; Redhouse Farms, Oldmeldrum (Lim) £1,449; Sibmister (Sim) £1,348.05.

Also sold were 349 OTM cattle.

Beef cows (320) averaged 124.3p (-3p) and sold to 232.6p per kg for a 675kg Limousin from Fairburn, Longmanhill and £1,650 gross for a 915kg Simmental from Sauchenbush, Echt.

Dairy cows (11) averaged 92.6p (-2.4p) and sold to 111.9p per kg for a 675kg Friesian and £825 gross for a 750kg Friesian from Cleat, Work Road, St Ola.

Farrow bulls (18) averaged 106.8p (-5.9p) and sold to 139.1p per kg for a 870kg Limousin from Harmar, Balthangie, Cuminestown and £1,530 gross for a 1,400kg Simmental from Sauchenbush.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: Fairburn (Lim) 226.4p; Bankhead, Durris (Lim) 224.1p; Mains of Kildrummy, Alford (Lim) 214.1p.

Dairy cows: Cleat (Fri) 110p; Flotterston House, Sandwick (Fri) 98.5p; Burgar, Evie (Fri) 87.5p.

Farrow bulls: Lower Milton, Wick (Lim) 124.4p; Blelack, Dinnet (Sho) 121.1p; Wattle, Birsay (Sim) 112.5p.

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: Fairburn (Lim) £1,570; Mains of Kildrummy (Lim) £1,550; Fairburn (Lim) £1,530.

Dairy cows: Cleat (Fri) £755; Flotterston House (Fri) £675. .

Farrow bulls: Wattle (Sim) £1,350; Harmar (Lim) £1,210; Relugas Mains (AA) £1,150.

And the mart also sold sold 1,270 prime sheep.

New season lambs (1,050) averaged 168.7p per kg (-4.7p) and sold to 188.9p per kg for 45kg Texels from Gremista Farm, Lerwick and £85 gross twice for 45kg Texels from Gremista Farm and for 59kg Texels from Belnaboth, Glenkindie.

Light weight prime lambs (220) averaged 160.9p per kg (+14.3p) and sold to 175p per kg for 30kg Blackfaces from Dinnet Farms, Dinnet and £56.50 gross for 35kg Suffolks also from Dinnet Farms.

New season SQQ up to 45.5kg (548) averaged 174.1p per kg (-2.6p).

Leading prices per head and per kg:

New season lambs: Tex - Milton of Tolmauds, Torphins, Honeyneuk, Maud £84.50, Dykenook, Netherley 181.7p; TexX - Blackloanhead, Boyndie, South Keithney, Burnhervie, Upper Cuttlehill, Ruthven £84, Little Broomfield, Ellon 181.3p; Suff - Lower Cotburn, Turriff, Milton of Tolmauds, Honeyneuk £83.50, Da Knowe, Twatt 179.5p; Cont - 35 Main Street, New Deer £83, Laighmuir, Wardhouse 178p; Down - Gordonston, Clatt £82, Nether Kinmundy, Longside 177.3p; Char - Blackloanhead £81, Meikle Haddo, Newburgh 178p; BelX - South Craighead, Skelmuir £80, Hillbrae, Newmachar 182.1p; Mule - Belnaboth £79, Cushnie, Rhynie 170.7p; ChvX - Kirkland, Forgue £78.50, Cushnie 170.5p.

Light weight prime lambs: GF - Dinnet Farms £54, 154.3p; SuffX - Bayview Croft, Overbrae £53, Dinnet Farms 161.4p; BF - Dinnet Farms £52.50, 169.2p; Bel - Silverlea, Memsie £49.50, 165p; Cont - Bayview £42, Snabuil, Ollaberry 144.2p; Chv - Silverlea £40, 142.9p; Sht - Burland, Walls £37, 131.6p.