Thainstone market round-up

Farming news
Farming news

Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 105 prime cattle at Thainstone on Thursday.

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (49) averaged 192.5p (-0.8p) and sold to 216p per kg for a 600kg Limousin from Overhall, Ruthven, and £1,592.25 gross for a 825kg Limousin from Smiddyburn, Rothienorman, both were purchased by Backmuir Livestock Ltd, Keith.

Prime heifers (31) averaged 193.3p (-2.6p) and sold to 215p per kg for a 535kg Limousin from Overhall, and purchased by J Greenhill, Brechin, and £1,323.35 gross for a 665kg Simmental from Roselea, Fetternear.

Young bulls (11) averaged 143.3p (no comp) and sold to 157p per kg for a 780kg Limousin from Hopton, Cullelie, and £1,229.80 gross for a 860kg Charolais from Bankhead, Clatt.

30 to 48 Month - Bullocks (seven) averaged 179.6p (+16.6p) and sold to 205p per kg and £1,517 gross for a 740kg Charolais from Nether Mains, Torphins.

Heifers (seven) averaged 165.7p (-4.4p) and sold to 198p per kg for a 470kg Aberdeen-Angus from Weddell, Burray, and £1,436.20 gross for a 860kg Charolais from £1,436.20 from Bankhead, Clatt.

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Loanend, Lumphanan (AA) 215p; Overhall (Lim) 212p; Meikle Camaloun, Fyvie (Lim) 208p.

Prime heifers: Overhall (Lim) 210p; Hillocks, Whiterashes (Lim) 208p; Kirkhill, Gartly (Lim) 204p.

Young bulls: Hopton (Lim) 157p; Bankhead (Cha) 143p.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Cockardie, Torphins (Lim) 195p; New Bourtreebush, Newtonhill (BB), Faichfolds, King Edward (Lim) 169p; Sunnybank, St Ola (Cha) 157p.

Heifers: Weddell (AA) 189p; Nether Balfour Farms, Drumoak (Sim) 171p; Bankhead (Cha) 167p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Smiddyburn (Sim) £1,581; Nether Mains (Sim) £1,541.60; Loanend (Cha) £1,509.20.

Prime heifers: Netherton, Glenlivet (Sim) £1,306.60; Hillocks (Lim) £1,302.90; New Mains, Glenkindie (Lim) £1,297.20.

Young bulls: Hopton (Lim) £1,224.60; Bowbutts, Strachan (Cha) £1,003.30.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Cockardie (Cha) £1,505.40; Faichfolds (Lim) £1,166.10; New Bourtreebush (BB) £1,005.55.

Heifers: Nether Balfour Farms (Sim) £1,291.05; Dinnet Farms, Dinnet (Her) £1,018.75; Weddell (AA) £930.60.

Also sold were 129 OTM cattle.Beef cows (110) averaged 130.6p (+2.4p) and sold to 185.4p per kg for a 685kg Simmental from Essil, Garmouth and £1,510 gross for a 880kg Limousin from Easterside, Stonehaven. Dairy cows (nine) averaged 106.3p (+9.2p) and sold to 116.7p per kg for a 750kg Friesian from Quendale, Dunrossness and £895 gross for a 800kg Friesian from Georth, Evie.

Farrow bulls (10) averaged 113p (+1.4p) and sold to 117.9p per kg for a 1,060kg Limousin from Glasslaw, Dunnottar and £1,530 gross for a 1,340kg Charolais from Durran Mains, Castletown.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: Easterside (Lim) 171.6p; Mains of Bognie, Forgue (Sim) 167.1p; Dinnet Farms, Aboyne (Hfd) 161.5p.

Dairy cows: Georth (Fri) 111.9p; Quendale (Fri) 106.5p.

Farrow bulls: Farmton, Tough (Cha) 116.7p; Essil (Sim) 116.2p; Durran Mains (Cha) 114.2p.

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: Home Farm, Longhaven (Cha) £1,310; Hillhead of Blackchambers, Skene (Cha) £1,290; Essil (Sim) £1,270.

Dairy cows: Quendale (Fri) £875; Georth (Fri) £785.

Farrow bulls: Essil (Sim) £1,470; Farmton (Cha) £1,330; Aikerness (Sim) £1,310.

ANM also sold 646 prime sheep. New season lambs (170) averaged 236.5p (-5.8p) per kg and sold to 252.4p per kg twice for 42kg Texels from Mains of Leslie, Leslie and for 42kg Texels from Odmoston, Laurencekirk and £116 gross twice for 46kg Beltex from Mains of Leslie and for 58kg Suffolks from Netherton of Inverveddie, Peterhead.

Old season lambs (435) averaged 201.1p (-2.2p) per kg and sold to 235.7p per kg.