St. Fergus site visit for Shell students

St. Fergus site visit for NESCoL students
St. Fergus site visit for NESCoL students

First year NESCol Shell Engineering Scheme students recently attended the Shell St Fergus Gas Plant where the cohort were presented with their Personal Protection Equipment as part of their induction programme.

Steve Morris, plant manager for Shell at St Fergus said: “Each year, we’re impressed by the calibre of the students we meet during their time at Shell.

“It’s a pleasure and an honour to help create a new understanding of the energy industry. This induction covers what it means to be a Shell representative - our expectations and ways of working. Over the course of the programme the students will participate in community and college activities, attend industry visits and exhibitions and it is important that everyone represents our values and behaviours.”

Student Andrew Howden said: “As a trainee I would like to thank Shell for this opportunity to visit and tour the St Fergus gas terminal complex. The staff were very willing to answer any questions and explain the technology involved. The cleanliness and safety procedures involved at the plant were first class.”