Shops responsible for cobbles at Clerkhill

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PETERHEAD’S CLERKHILL shop owners ARE responsible for the area in front of their stores it was revealed last week.

Members of Peterhead Community Council heard on Wednesday that Councillor Stephen Smith had checked with Register House in Edinburgh who confirmed that in the title deeds the shop owners were responsible for the maintenance of the cobbled area in front of their stores.

The community council has heard numerous complaints about the area over the past few years, with many people finding the cobbles difficult to negotiate - particularly in icy conditions.

Cllr Smith told Wednesday’s meeting that he believed the maintenance of the area could be quite a burden for small businesses.

Councillor Stuart Pratt said that perhaps the community council could speak to the shop owners to see what they would like done and perhaps speak to Aberdeenshire Council to see if they could perhaps contribute in any way if there was a substantial amount of work to be done.

“Perhaps it’s time to meet with them and see what can be done,” he said.

Community council member John Brownlee asked why the council had not adopted the area, but Cllr Smith said it had to be of a certain standard before they would do this and perhaps it did not meet this standard.

Mr Brownlee said it was then surely up to the shop owners to make it to a state where the council could adopt it.

It was agreed that community council secretary Gordon Farman try and get some costings and write to the shop owners seeking a meeting on the issue.