Scottish Pelagic Processors move

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The Herring Buyers Association Ltd has just received approval from Companies House to change its name to the Scottish Pelagic Processors Association Ltd (SPPA) and will be know by that title with immediate effect.

Formed in 1976, the original association represented the needs of the pelagic processing sector, at a time when herring constituted the main part of the catch.

“For a company to be a member it had to purchase herring, but the supply situation has now changed and in volume and value, mackerel is the largest catch for members.

“They also process and market other types of pelagic fish including blue whiting, sprats and sardines, so the directors felt it was more appropriate to make this clear in our name.” explained chairman Ian McFadden

Membership of the SPPA is wholly based in Scotland, as is the majority of the UK pelagic fleet, and includes all the major Scottish Pelagic Processors: Caley Fisheries, Croan Seafoods, Denholm Seafoods, Fresh Catch, and International Fish Canners. Lunar Freezing, Macrae, Nor Sea Foods, Shetland Catch, Shetland Fish Products, and United Fish Industries.

These companies supply a wide range of products, from smoked and canned fish to UK retailers, wholesalers and fishmongers, to block frozen bulk packs supplied via reefers to major export customers.

The association represents the interests of its members in discussions with Government departments and is represented on the board of Seafood Scotland.

It also works with the catching sector in a number of ways, including membership of the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group, which spearheaded the MSC certification process.