Score has the Midas touch

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PETERHEAD-based engineering firm Score Group has struck gold with another pioneering invention.

The latest creation - , the MIDAS Meter - has been specially-designed to quickly and easily locate and then quantify leaks in valves used in fluid transfer processes and systems.

Valves are the critical components used to retain and manipulate pressurised process fluids within pipelines.

The major Blue Toon employer says the new MIDAS Meter - developed and manufactured exclusively by Score Group plc -represents a major breakthrough for plant operators, as it is known that leaking valves represent a major safety risk and are a major source of lost profits.

MIDAS Meter marketing manager David Anderson told the Buchanie: “It can find and quantify valve leaks long before detection by conventional methods or instrumentation. Its use can help operators avoid product losses to the flare or drain or internally where plant is supposed to be segregated.

“It also allows operators to confidently prepare for maintenance outages and to avoid excessive valve damage due to prolonged leakage.”

The principle benefits that the MIDAS Meter valve leak detection equipment gives operators and maintenance technicians are what the Score Group collectively refer to as the MIDAS Touch.

Benefits include:

q Improved safety integrity

q Improved plant efficiency

q Find damaged/

leaking valves

q Avoid valuable through valve product losses

q Decrease emissions to atmosphere

Mr Anderson continued: “The MIDAS Meter is a revolutionary valve leak detection and quantification device that uses acoustic emissions technology to find and quantify leaks through valves. MIDAS Meter employs Score developed signal processing, electronics and software, Score proprietary leakage algorithms and a Score proprietary Acoustic Emission Sensor.

“The principle of operation is that when a valve leaks, the turbulence from the leakage jet generates a fluctuating pressure field within the valve and adjacent piping.

“This pressure field transmits through the fluid and can be detected as elastic waves on the external surface of the valve or piping. The elastic waves are generated across a broad band of frequencies.

“The instrument detects these waves using a piezo-electric crystal sensor. The signal from this sensor is filtered and then converted to a digital value before a Digital Signal Processing device computes the Average Sound Level. This reading is then displayed on a Liquid Crystal Display and is transmitted via a Bluetooth interface to a Personal Digital Assistant.”

The Midas Meter is the next generation in Acoustic Emissions (AE) valve leak detection equipment. The ergonomic handle allows easy and comfortable one handed operation of the fully self contained and portable device.

The Midas Meter can be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with a compatible, Score Group approved PDA, via Bluetooth connectivity.

 It measures the RMS value in decibels (dB) of the acoustic emission noise between the frequencies of 60 and 600 KHz.

This frequency range eliminates all audible and mechanically generated noise, which is usually of a much lower frequency.