Regeneration ideas for Peterhead

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Regeneration ideas aimed at bolstering the Blue Toon in the face of social, cultural and economic pressures have gone on display to the public.

The ideas are part of the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment’s End of Year Show.

Focusing on the redevelopment of Peterhead town centre and better integration between the water front and industrial sector, the fifth year students at Robert Gordon University have set out a number of key action points they believe would help revitalise the town.

These include the introduction of a new bridge to the south of the town to speed up the flow of industrial traffic; the redirection of the coastal path around the harbour basin; pedestrianisation of Broad Street; additional housing; and more public spaces to aid renewed community engagement.

The students created the plan as the first part of a two-year ‘Resilient Towns’ unit, after conducting a number of interviews with local residents aimed at identifying the issues affecting the town.

Among the ambitious ideas, which would see a whole-scale redevelopment of Peterhead’s town centre, student Gary Hogg (24,) came up with a plan for a renewable energy industrial park at the harbour.

Encapsulating an energy research centre, office facilities and accommodation blocks for workers, Gary’s plan looks to the oil industry for inspiration and features buildings built from the material of decommissioned oil rigs.

“With the shift towards renewables many oil rigs are now coming to the end of their lifecycle and are getting shut down,” he explained.

“As my project looks at renewables, I wanted to use the old industry as the foundations for the new development. I believe there are massive opportunities in the renewable energy sector to attract new companies to Peterhead or work with those that are already there.”

Meanwhile fellow student Philippa Davies (22), has come up with a scheme to help the town embrace the high quality of its local produce, via the creation of a cook school.