Red House could become flats

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A BUCHAN hotel which shut down late last month after its management team hit financial crisis has been put up for sale.

The Red House Hotel in Cruden Bay closed last month after management company Emaja Limited ran up massive debts.

The Aulton Road hotel, which boasted stunning views of the golf course and an award winning restaurant, was boarded up three weeks ago after proprietors Gordon and Elaine Beagrie left the premises.

Now owners at Peterhead Snooker Company say they have no choice but to sell the 60-year-old hotel.

Director Ian Devenish said: “We put so much work into the hotel. So much so that it began to affect my health. When Emaja took on the hotel it was in perfect condition. But it’s been left in a mess and would take about £40,000 to do the work that needs done.”

“It’s a shame because the closing of the Red House leaves Cruden Bay without the restaurant and without a function hall at all.”

A commercial survey carried out shortly before the hotel closed down found that the building was in urgent need of restoration.

The 60 page document listed torn carpets, cracked tiles and rotting wood among its many failings.

Mr Devenish said that he had put the former hotel up for sale last Friday and that it was unclear whether it would continue as a hotel in future or be sold to developers.

He added: “We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. It could be sold to developers and made into flats.”