Pupils helped with oil roles

A new charity ‘Energy Futures North East’ is help youngsters understand the requirements and challenges within the energy sector.

The charity has been set up by founder Elaine Duthie with the support of Trustees: Thor Holt, Lucy Tait and Denis Pinto.

Its is to encourage, support and enable school pupils and young adults who wish to gain employment within the Energy Sector, to understand the requirements and challenges within this sector.

Initially the project will be focusing on the opportunities within the oil and gas sector.

Elaine Duthie, an oil and gas seniorconsultant, recently visited Mintlaw Academy and gave a series of talks to 4th, 5thand 6th year pupils; giving them an insight to the potential career paths within the oil and gas industry. As part of her presentation, Elaine introduced them to role models working in the energy sector.

These Role Models each entered by a different route; one via an apprenticeship and traineeship scheme after leaving school, to earning a college certificate while the other had university degree and went on to acquire the right experience over time by working in the industry. Part of the session included a practical workshop exercise which proved a great success; by way of informing the pupils that they currently already possess many of the skills future employers require.

The groups competed in a task to match job titles with their descriptions and required qualifications, with Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants donating prizes to the teams with the most matches in each session.

Commenting on the Mintlaw sessions, Elaine said: “These pupils are the future and could potentially help fill the skills gap within the oil and gas industry.”

Academy deputy head, Mrs Noble, added: “The talks were a great success and Elaine definitely achieved the outcome she sought.”

Elaine conducted a similar successful session with 4th, 5th and 6th year pupils of Fraserburgh Academy on Thursday.