Pulling together to put Peterhead on the map!

Peterhead folk want to see anything from new high street stores to a bowling alley coming to their town
Peterhead folk want to see anything from new high street stores to a bowling alley coming to their town

A bowling alley, a fish restaurant or more town centre High Street shops?

That’s the question we are asking this week as we aim to launch a campaign to put Peterhead on the map!

For many weeks now we have been asking our Facebook followers what they want to see in our town, and time and time again they call for a bowling alley, more shops or a high quality fish restaurant.

In our latest debate, the Buchanie was issued with the challenge of launching a campaign to see at least one of those to fruition.

And while we are more than happy to oblige, we want to know which one you want us to campaign for.

We need public backing if we are to push for a major attraction in the Blue Toon, so we are looking for as much support as possible for what YOU want to see in your town.

While many of you have called for a bowling alley - similar to that in Fraserburgh - it has failed to clear many hurdles, with local businessmen saying it would fail to pay for itself.

Indeed, Peterhead Projects new regeneration officer, Alex Geddes, has already investigated the option.

He told us: “I have phoned three separate owners of such places and their responses were ‘don’t do it’.

“They said if it were attached to a profitable business/leisure centre as an add on”then that is okay, however none would invest in just a bowling alley.”

Mr Geddes agreed, however, that there needed to be a right mix of leisure facilities in Peterhead.

“There are many in the town that do their best with what they have e.g. the cinema team. That said, for me on a personal level if there has to be a newspaper campaign then a quality fish restaurant might be worth pursuing considering our proud fishing heritage boast and if this was linked to a leisure complex then maybe we have a starting point.”

One regular Facebook commentator, Carol-Anne Murphy, said that the lack of facilities in the town was driving people away.

She told us: “If we don’t have choice in the town folk go elsewhere. The same goes for the issue of the bowling alley; folk go elsewhere for entertainment taking the money out of the town.”

But David Watt, a former general manager of Fraserburgh Leisure Centre, told the Buchanie: “To be honest, I do think Peterhead is big enough to justify having one.

“Although, by Peterhead having a 10-pin bowling alley, that may affect business at Fraserburgh - as a lot of customers come through from Peterhead to the Fraserburgh bowling alley, for example, for children’s parties.

“For a private investor, it could be quite a big gamble.

“You would have to spend a lot of money on the kit - it would be a huge capital investment. For an eight-lane alley it would cost in the region of half a million pounds.

“And, obviously, that’s before you find or look to build premises.”

So,we are now asking our readers what they would like us to campaign for in the Blue Toon.

Would you like to see a bowling alley for family entertainment? A high quality fish restaurant, making the most of our proud fishing heritage, or an injection of High Street shops, boosting our retail centre?

We will be putting a vote online on the Buchanie website at www.buchanobserver.co.uk where you can let us know what you would like to see. So get voting now and let’s see if we can pull together to achieve it!