Public hear latest CCS project news

Buchan residents headed along to the Palace Hotel recently to hear about the latest step in the Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage project.

The exhibition, held on Monday, December 15 by oil and gas firm Shell, focused on plans for a new section of pipeline to connect the power station to an existing pipeline that runs between St Fergus Gas Terminal to the north and the Goldeneye gas platform 100km offshore.

Denise Horan of Shell discusses carbon capture with David Rodger at the exhibition

Denise Horan of Shell discusses carbon capture with David Rodger at the exhibition

Captured CO2 would be pumped through the pipeline and stored in the depleted Goldeneye gas reservoir 2.5km below the seabed.

The exhibition gave details of the wells and subsea elements of the project, based on design and engineering work that has taken place in recent months.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Peterhead CCS project manager Bill Spence said: “We are just about to submit our environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the offshore segment of the project, and that will give the community a chance to look at the technical design involved with the environmental impacts associated with it.

“We will then prepare the onshore environmental impact assessment and deliver that and a similar review in mid February, and locals can come and meet the engineers who have done the work before they can review it online as they will be able to do with the offshore in January.

“We’ve had a fantastic turnout, very insightful questions, a lot of repeat customers coming back to see how the project is progressing, how we are getting on with the design and how we are getting on with the community involvement. We have had very positive feedback thus far.”

A separate EIA detailing the proposed onshore work to prepare the Peterhead power station for the CCS project will be submitted in the coming year.