Pub landlord’s anger over ‘unhygienic’ bins

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A PETERHEAD landlord is fed up with “unhygienic” bins being left in a lane next to his pub.

Bailie’s Lounge owner Raymond Matthew says overflowing bins have been left at the private lane, of which 75% is owned by the pub, since new management took over the neighbouring flats two months ago.

Raymond, who has run the popular pub since 1996, says an allocated bin store for use by residents of the 20 flats has been locked and a pin entry system installed.

He said: “The new management has locked the bin store and the residents can’t get in.

“They’re not giving them the right to their own bins. Now there’s bits of food and razor blades lying around the lane which my staff have had to pick up. It’s not their job to do that.”

Raymond says new licensing laws mean that he is responsible for the safety of his clientele and that the line of overflowing bins breaches health and safety standards.

“It’s a danger to the public,” says Raymond.

“It seems to be a case of yet another absentee landlord making money from Peterhead but not bothering to enforce the rules.

“The drains are clogged with rotting food and it won’t be too long until there’s a rat infestation.”

Aside from the problem with the bins, Raymond says cars and vans have used the ‘no access’ lane and blocked vital fire exits at the side of the pub.

He added that while most of the flats’ residents were courteous, he has received a “mouthful of abuse” on a couple of occasions when he has asked for rubbish to be cleared away.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council’s Environmental Health Department said: “We are working with management and Waste Solutions to find a solution for the bins problem.”