Peterhead council properties on the market

An interior shot of Arbuthnot House, Peterhead
An interior shot of Arbuthnot House, Peterhead

Interest is already being shown in a range of properties in Peterhead being marketed by Aberdeenshire Council.

With the development of new office accommodation on St Peter Street, the council has a number of buildings which will become surplus to requirement.

To complement ongoing regeneration efforts to build vitality in the town centre, it’s important the surplus properties continue to contribute to the local economy.

Aberdeenshire Council is working with Shepherd Chartered Surveyors to ensure properties are marketed as widely as possible, attracting the best possible uses.

One of the properties is the Buchan Area Office at Arbuthnot House, a historic building suitable for a range of exciting potential uses.

Located on Broad Street, it is thought it could be used as a company headquarters, a boutique hotel, a public house or a restaurant.

The council’s focus is on securing the right use for the site and is keen to consider other proposed uses which will be positive for the town centre.

The council expects to release eight buildings in total linked to the construction of the £5 million area headquarters, realising savings of around £378,000 a year on running costs of both owned and leased properties.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Economic Development, Belinda Miller, said: “The last thing the council wants is to move out of these properties and leave them empty to the detriment of Peterhead town centre.

“Peterhead has always had a strong local economy and there are many nationally and internationally successful businesses operating from here - we hope to attract more and are ready to offer support wherever we can.”