North-east singer launches debut CD

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Aberdeenshire music artist Gordon Duthie has released his debut album ‘Shire and City’ in a limited edition Digipak format.

The album - originally released online in June - is now available on Duthie’s website, with each one signed and numbered by the artist.

Gordon, who recently graduated in International Marketing Management MSc from Robert Gordon University, had worked in the local energy industry.

But all the while the 25-year-old had been undertaking a music project - which was kept secret until earlier this year.

A Buchan landmark event underwent a comic book makeover thanks to the budding musician.

Gordon commissioned an American graffiti artist to transform Slains Castle into comic book artwork to coincide with the online release of song ‘Hide’.

The video for the track features 25-year-old Chris playing guitar at some of Buchan and Banff and Buchan’s most recognisable landmarks including the castle ruins at Cruden Bay and the popular coastal village of Pennan.

“I’ve always found Aberdeenshire inspiring,” said Gordon.

“It’s really strange how it’s never given the credit and doesn’t get promoted enough. It’s a beautiful area of the country and I don’t see how that wouldn’t inspire you.”

The cartoon-style piece of art which also adorns the back cover of ‘Shire and City’ features Gordon sitting on rocks in front of Slains Castle, with Dracula looking menacingly on.

Gordon said: “The piece explores the urban legend that the novel Dracula was inspired by Slains Castle.

“I’ve always found this quite intriguing. Some say that the castle behind the inspiration for Dracula was in Whitby. But we know that Bram Stoker visited the area several times as he was writing the novel.”

Far from chasing fame and fortune, Gordon says that writing his own songs and performing them is a far greater reward.

“I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember,” he says.

“Chasing fame doesn’t interest me, I do it for the enjoyment. I think people who look to make money aren’t doing it for the right reasons.”