No funds force Modo out of Mintlaw and Broch

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A Buchan charity group which engages young people will have to forgo two of their three programmes in the area due to a lack of funding.

Theatre Modo will no longer be able to carry on their programmes in Fraserburgh and Mintlaw which provide free help and entertainment for the young in the area.

Martin Danziger, Creative Director of Theatre Modo, said: “We have probably raised about 30 per cent of what we need but we have kept it going because staff have wanted to.

“Realistically we can’t keep that going for ever so we have to cut back which is a huge shame.”

It would take round £10,000 per programme to take Theatre Modo back to Fraserburgh and Mintlaw where they have approximately 50 and 30 regular attendees respectively, though there total figures, Martin says, is significantly higher.

Theatre Modo will continue their work in Peterhead while continuing to apply for funding that would bring the group back to the other towns.

As an organisation which provides their work for free the group is almost entirely sustained by grants and funding.

Mr Danziger said: “We are one of the very few free activities in Peterhead and we want to keep it that way.

“As soon as you make people pay you might not get the people who appreciate it the most.”

Theatre Modo received a grant from the Big Lottery Fund in 2014 of £50,000 which allowed them to expand their work to Fraserburgh and Mintlaw from their base in Peterhead.

Unfortunately they have not been able to replicate that funding again - though they will continue to try.

Mr Danziger said: “We know the benefits of the programme and we are going to try our best to get the funds for it again, fingers crossed.”