New shop provides job boost for Toon

Shop owner Brenda Campbell with one of her new employees Naomi Ashton
Shop owner Brenda Campbell with one of her new employees Naomi Ashton

A recently opened business in Peterhead is celebrating after successfully securing employment for three members of staff.

Three part-time members of staff have been employed at 2gd2bnu and Camallan Gifts at Berryden Road.

The two shops were opened three months ago after Peterhead Projects was placed in liquidation and its popular second-hand shop 2ReUse was forced to close.

Former 2ReUse manager Brenda Campbell and her husband Robert set up 2gd2bnu in the former 2ReUse shop.

They have also welcomed 29 local crafters to display their items in the new Camallan Gifts shop, which is located right next door to 2gd2bnu.

Speaking to the Buchanie Brenda said: “In just three months we now have three part-time members of staff to work in the shops.

“I never thought we would manage to achieve this so soon after opening, I thought it would take us at least a year to get this far.

“The shop is blossoming and we have had a lot of support from the community.

“Setting up shop here was either going to be a hit or a miss as it is located outside of the town centre but it has been great.

“Camallan Gifts started wth just four shelves and now we have 29 crafters from the local area here.”

Brenda added: “The community have really been behind us and we are so grateful, we can’t thank them enough.”

Camallan Gifts will be open for late night shopping from now until Christmas to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have a browse.

The shop will be open until 6.30pm and has a wide selection of unique and affordable gifts including cushions, candles, crystals, hair bows, Ness bags, items by Purple Potions, Avon, Pink Rose and Kimbo.

Meanwhile item donations are still welcome and volunteering opportunities are available at 2gd2bnu.