Mum opens new toy shop in town

Angela Styles has opened independent toy shop Hoyty Toyty in Peterhead town centre.
Angela Styles has opened independent toy shop Hoyty Toyty in Peterhead town centre.

A North East mother of four has opened an independent toy shop in Peterhead town centre.

Hoyty Toyty, which opened its doors in last month, is based in the old Peterhead Puffers model shop unit in Back Street.

The store is geared towards less commercial and more traditional toys, such as the large wooden castle in the shop window.

Owner Angela Styles told the Buchanie: “I’ve got four children and when I moved to Peterhead I was surprised that there was nothing catering for children, even though this is the biggest town in the North East.”

Nothing in the shop is battery operated other than a battery science kit and Mrs Styles told us: “Everything we sell is either educational, inspirational or a bit different.”

She plans to expand Hoyty Toyty’s sales space in the new year.

“This is much better than what I did before - you can’t really call it a job.”

The former paralegal conducted a survey about children’s attitudes to toys with mums in Mintlaw.

“There is an epidemic of pink toys aimed at girls and blue toys aimed at boys. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Mrs Styles’ criticism of the commercial toy trade coincided with calls from a Scottish MP to end gender-specific toy advertising.

Katy Clark, Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, is sponsoring a motion in parliament to stop young people’s preferences.

Globally the toy market is worth £52billion every year and more than a third of sales are made over the Christmas period.

Though the largest growth sectors in the market are technology and film and TV tie-ins, Mrs Styles is eager to cater for like-minded mothers in the North East who are looking for a different kind of present for their kids.

The arrival of Hoyty Toyty is also a boost to Peterhead’s ailing town centre.

This year’s Town Centre Survey showed that residents in Peterhead are visiting the shopping area less than ever before but are hungry for change.

It is hoped independent shops like Hoyty Toyty as well as big brand stores such as Marks and Spencer, Next and Primark can attract customers back to the area and help regenerate the town centre.

At the recent Town Summit local community leaders and councillors discussed an action for regenerating Peterhead.

Attracting new businesses is seen as a high priority.