Mess tarnishing the Lido’s image

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PETERHEAD’s Lido play area came under fire last week after used nappies and children’s pants were discovered within the compound.

The Buchanie received a telephone call from a disgruntled resident who was “disgusted” by the state of the play area and the surrounding environment.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, told us: “I currently have friends visiting from the US and Canada and I took them to the Lido to see the facilities there.

“You can imagine my horror when I saw the items lying within the play area and the bins outside were full to over-flowing. It was disgusting, particularly given that Scottish Week was due to begin in a few days’ time. I got a friend to call environmental health and report the mess, but surely this area should be kept clean on a regular basis.

“How are we expected to attract visitors to the area when all they see is litter, broken glass and other items strewn across such a beautiful stretch of the town.”

However, when the Buchanie visited the area the following day there was no sign of any items lying within the play area and the bins had been emptied.

There was broken glass in the periphery of the play area and litter lying down the embankment.

We contacted Aberdeenshire Council who told us that its landscape services team had cleared up the mess, adding that in future the Lido play area would be included within the remit of the beach cleaner so that it would be checked on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the school holidays.

A spokeswoman said: “We did not receive any complaints about the playpark which has now been cleared.

“We encourage people using our open public spaces to respect the space and clear up any litter behind them so that visitors can enjoy clean facilities we also encourage people to contact us to report litter.”