Light Up Peterhead to be run within Civic Society

Peterhead Christmas lights 2013
Peterhead Christmas lights 2013

Light Up Peterhead is to be run as an integral project for the Peterhead Civic Society.

The Christmas lights campaign hosted its annual general meeting on Monday night attended by members of the public and local councillors.

There were fruitful and positive discussions regarding the impressive level of work undertaken by the society since October.

Karin McGivern, Light Up’s interim chair and vice-chair of the Civic Society, said: “The meeting was a positive one and it was great to see past and present committee members present along with members of the public and councillors Tom Malone and Stephen Smith.

“We discussed all the fundraising work that had been undertaken in the last quarter of 2013 along with the lessons made regarding infrastructure and best practice regarding the installation of the Christmas lights.

“Light Up Peterhead will go on from here to raise more funds annually to keep the Christmas light installation going and to improve on the brilliant work done by the previous committee.”

On a personal note she added: “I wish to thank everyone for the support that they gave us between October and Christmas.

“The display of community spirit was overwhelming and heartening. It was especially so on the day of switch-on at the end of November.

“Due to other business commitments I will no longer be staying on as chair of Light Up Peterhead but am delighted that the work will continue through the auspices of the Civic Society and am sure that they will strive to build on the brilliant work done by the previous committee.

“Thank you once again to all involved with helping us to Light Up Peterhead in 2013.”

It was also tabled at the AGM that Light Up Peterhead should not only be a Christmas cause but may become a group that helps to improve the lighting within the town centre all year round.

That idea will be explored further as the findings of the Four Towns Study are published and in conjunction with other works ongoing in the town.

The interim committee members revoked their posts and it was unanimously agreed that rather than installing a new committee, Light Up Peterhead would become an integral project for Peterhead Civic Society without the need for a separate committee.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the Civic Society or Light Up Peterhead should contact chairman Kevin O’Brien on or 07950 877018.