Janice bows out after 26 years

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A midwife who has served the community of Buchan for decades - as well fundraising events for Peterhead Maternity Ward - has retired.

Janice Paton, originally from Shetland, has ended her career after 26 years at the Blue Toon hospital.

She started on April 1, 1990, and her official retirement date is March 31, 2016.

On her last shift at the ward, on Wednesday, March 23, an informal party was held for her to say goodbye, something she described as “very emotional”.

Her official leaving party, at which ‘around 80’ people were expected, took place at the Buchan Braes Hotel on Friday, March 25.

Janice cryptically said that she “knows they have a few things up their sleeve” when asked if she expected any surprises at the leaving do.

Mrs Paton started her career - after finishing training in Aberdeen - in Shetland, which she described as ‘amazing’, before work and marriage brought her back to the mainland.

She worked for some time in Inverurie, before the ward there was closed.

She told the Buchanie how she was responsible for locking the door on the Inverurie ward’s last day, then spent some time in Aberdeen before starting her Blue Toon career 26 years ago.

Mrs Paton now lives in Tarves, but Peterhead is close to heart. She said: “I would like to thank all the staff I have worked with over the years.

“They’ve been fantastic and we worked well as a team.”

Throughout her career she partook in several fundraising campaigns as a part of the hospital staff, such as raffles.

Discussing the Blue Toon, she said: “It has been a place to work and great to be a part of the community. I saw many faces come through over the years, and some a few times over the years.

“My husband noted on a day visit to the town centre recently that I knew more people in Peterhead than I did at home in Tarves, so it is an important place to me.”

She did note that one unfortunate thing about the timing of her leaving is that she will not get to see first-hand the refurbishment that is currently being prepped for the ward. Once completed, Peterhead Maternity Ward will be getting new scanning machines and birthing pools.

Janice also noted that a rewarding part of her job was helping people who have not been fortunate, as “everyone has their ups and downs.”