Give a gift to the High Street and Shop Local

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How much of your Christmas shopping can you do locally this year?

Peterhead has excellent shops offering a wide selection of goods, from toys and gift ideas, to party clothes and festive food.

Local shops offer great quality, excellent service, friendly advice and the chance to enjoy a traditional shopping experience.

By committing to do a proportion of your Christmas shopping in Peterhead, you will help protect jobs and make your local economy stronger.  

So why not spread a little festive cheer and give your town a gift by shopping local this Christmas? You can even sign the “Peterhead Pledge” and share on social media.

Taking part is simple. Just decide how much of your shopping you can do in Peterhead and set yourself a firm target.

It could be a percentage of your total shopping, a certain number of gifts, part of your food shopping, or party wear for the family.

If you want to show people you’re supporting the local economy, you can “sign” the Peterhead Pledge on Aberdeenshire Council’s Facebook page.

Post your pledge in the comments box and share your post with as many people as you can, or Tweet about it.

Chairman of the Buchan Area Committee, Stuart Pratt, said: “Peterhead has lots of excellent shops and a really wide range of quality goods to suit all pockets.

“Every penny spent in Peterhead benefits the local economy, from shops and shop staff, to suppliers, support businesses, cafes and restaurants.

“Our independent shop keepers have worked hard to provide a great service through difficult times and have remained committed to the town through thick and thin. Now it’s time to show our support for them.

“I’m very pleased to support Peterhead’s Shop Local campaign, and hope everyone who lives or works in the town will rally round too, and make their own Peterhead Pledge.”

Committee vice chair, Anne Allan, said: “If you’re not lucky enough to live or work in Peterhead, you can still take part.

“You are very welcome to visit the town and take advantage of the free car parking being offered in council car parks every Saturday in the run up to Christmas.

“Alternatively you can make a commitment to shop locally near your own home, it has the same effect – supporting local retailers for the benefit of local communities.”

Peterhead Town Centre Regeneration Officer Heather Barclay added: “Sadly, we know some people can’t spend anything extra this Christmas.

“If you can afford it, it would be a very kind gesture to buy an extra present for the Gift Tree, or a donation of non-perishable food to Joseph’s Storehouse.

“I have already pledged to buy at least ten Christmas gifts, including one for the Gift Tree, and to do 95% of my food shopping in Peterhead. On Saturday I am going to enjoy a good old-fashioned Christmas shopping trip with my daughter, and I have already placed my order at a local bakery.”

A spokeself for the man in the red suit said: “Santa has asked me to point out that if you have been a bit naughty this year, shopping local might just be enough to get you back on to his good list. So let’s make this a great Christmas for the Bluetoon. Please sign the Peterhead Pledge and shop local – your gift to the town.”