Euro candidate visits fishmarket

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Lead candidate for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party at the European Elections , Dr Ian Duncan, visited Peterhead port last week.

Ian, who once worked for the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation was given a tour and spoke with many of the fishermen, buyers and port authority staff and discussed the many issues affecting the fishing industry, which is thriving in spite of the Europen Union’s Common Fisheries Policy and discards regulations.

Commenting on a record day of landings at the fishmarket, Dr Duncan said: “We had a fantastic morning at Peterhead Fishmarket meeting with fishermen, buyers, processers and the fantastic port authority staff who are leading the way with the development of Peterhead into a recognised world leading fish market.

“ I spent four years working for the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation at a very low point when there were attempts to close the cod grounds, and it is good to see that there has been a serious recovery.

“The important thing now is that there is a future in fishing. But we need to protect and preserve that. If elected to Brussels by the Scottish people, I will fight every day to make sure that future is secure.”

The election to the European Parliament will be held on May 22.