Energetica unveils its new Masterplan for Peterhead

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A MASTERPLAN to improve the environment of south Peterhead and make the area more attractive to inward investors has been unveiled.

The Peterhead Southern Gateway Environmental Improvement Masterplan was commissioned by the Energetica team and Aberdeenshire Council and is now ready for use by developers and landowners with an interest in this location.

As the Buchanie revealed back in May last year, the Masterplan covers an area in Peterhead extending from Invernettie to Stirling Hill. The Masterplan area is effectively the northern gateway to the 30-mile Energetica development corridor which will create one of the UK’s first low carbon communities centred on energy research, technology and expertise.

It provides developers with proposals for an enhanced environmental framework for new development in the area, to help attract new investment and encourage economic diversification. A fundamental objective is to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses. The Masterplan has been developed in consultation with local businesses, landowners, developers, community groups, Scottish Enterprise, councillors, the local authority and other interested groups and individuals.

The aim is to improve the general appearance and attractiveness to investors of south Peterhead and establish standards of environmental design for the whole Energetica corridor area.

For the Masterplan area, the aspiration is to create a distinct sense of place, in an area that has been identified through consultation as being in need of general environmental improvement, appropriate to the communities of Peterhead and Boddam and aligned with Energetica’s low carbon principles.

The Peterhead Southern Gateway Environmental Improvement Masterplan is intended primarily as an environmental design best practice document. It provides a guide for improving the image of south Peterhead in order to enhance local amenities.

Energetica project director Sara Budge said: “The intention of the Masterplan is to work with developers to improve the environment and overall appearance of the south Peterhead area in line with the wider Energetica vision.

“Energetica aims to become a renowned, world-class destination attracting innovative energy businesses and highly skilled people. It will feature high quality housing, commercial and leisure facilities in an outstanding natural environment based on low carbon principles.”

The Masterplan proposes improvements at the Invernettie roundabout and Granite Railway Walk, the power station, Stirling Hill and Boddam.

These include providing an enhanced and dramatic gateway to Peterhead, a significant landscaped framework for future development, clear and attractive walking and cycling routes including road crossings, integrated with places of recreation interest to create a positive sense of place that will also become an attractive visitor destination.