Dualling of A90 north of Ellon “unlikely” says report

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The dualling of the A90 road to Peterhead and Fraserburgh is “unlikely “ to go ahead according to a new appraisal report.

The report states that providing a full dual-carraigeway on the A90 and A952 is “unlikely to attract the scale of capital funding to enable implementation”.

Instead the progress report for the Peterhead and Fraserburgh to Aberdeen Strategic Transport Study offers alternative “hybrid” packages, including dualling to the Toll of Birness.

In a further blow to those hoping for improved transport links to the north-east major fishing ports, the report states that reintroducing the former Buchan Way rail-line beyond Ellon would also be ineffective.

However the report does put forward a package that would introduce a heavy rail service between Dyce and Ellon at a cost of up to £260 million.

This option would enable the “potential” introduction rail links between Ellon and Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

Another package that will be put forward to Nestrans is the dualling of Ellon to the Toll of Birness at the cost of up to £112.5 million.

This option would also see extra over-taking lanes put in place on the A90 and A952 to reduce the “higher than expected” accident rates on the roads.”