Donna to design Aberdeenshire tartan

Donna Wilson will be creating a new Aberdeenshire tartan.
Donna Wilson will be creating a new Aberdeenshire tartan.

Internationally-acclaimed textile designer Donna Wilson is working on a new Aberdeenshire tartan, inspired by Aberdeenshire’ stunning natural and built environment.

The Banff-born textile desitgner has joined forces with Aberdeenshire Council’s creative placemaking programme Be Part of the Picture.

Over the last ten years, Donna’s quirky textiles have taken the world by storm and are now selling in 30 countries around the globe.

Her designs and products are inspired by her childhood growing up in theAberdeenshire countryside and the everyday oddities of life.

Commissioned by the Be Part of the Picture project, she will design aunique tartan, inspired by the rich palette of colours which make upAberdeenshire’s diverse landscapes and communities.

Donna’s work will be influenced by local school pupils who will take partin workshops to focus on creating their “home colours”, identifyingparticular colours which best reflect the part of Aberdeenshire where they live.

The resulting tartan, which will be ready by January 2014, will be used to create a range of products that will help promote Aberdeenshire at a national and international level.

Donna will help to design and produce one of those items, which will either be made from the tartan or a knitted interpretation of the tartan design.

The design of the tartan, mixing of the colours and spinning of the yarnwill all happen in Aberdeenshire, while the weaving is likely to happenelsewhere in Scotland.

Donna said: “I’m really excited to be working on this - designing a tartanfor Aberdeenshire is a huge honour for any Scottish designer.

“Tartan is such an important part of our tradition and heritage, and weshould never lose that. I hope to be able to make a difference to themanufacturers who will be weaving it and create something that will be alasting symbol of Aberdeenshire.”