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A former Peterhead Academy pupil has published his first book about business.

John W. Hayes, who grew up in Cruden Bay and attended the Academy in the mid-1980s has wrote a book on business. Hayes has had a high-tech career which has seen him working across Europe and the United States with some of the biggest names in online technology. The books title ‘Becoming THE Expert: Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing’ is based on his experiences of helping small and medium sized companies achieve success online.

Hayes said: “I have worked with a wide range of companies, from fresh fish merchants to vendors of highly complex software solutions, and all of these companies have benefited from a little Thought Leadership Marketing.”

“It’s all about understanding your customers, knowing what makes their lives difficult and responding accordingly.

“This book is for any business professional who values the idea of sharing knowledge, empowering the people they work with and building their reputation on the back of holding an open and honest dialogue within the communities they serve.”

‘Becoming THE Expert’ aims to explain how business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and sales professionals can better position themselves as experts in their own particular industry. It also states how to help build brand awareness, generate business leads and ultimately drive sales through the sharing of their detailed knowledge and insight.

The book is meant to be easy to understand and uses real world examples, the book explains how to find your voice and then plan, create and distribute ‘Thought Leadership Marketing’ campaigns using a wide range of media including blogs, videos, podcasts, PR, the media, books, eBooks, public speaking opportunities and social media.

Hayes plans to follow up the publication of this book with a nationwide lecture tour which will include a return visit to his home in North-East Scotland.