Councillors serve up good news for cafe

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AN extension planned for a Buchan community cafe has got the go ahead, despite concerns over flooding.

Councillors agreed to the plans for the new function room at St Combs’ Roads Community Cafe after discussions with a flood prevention team.

Concerns had been raised that the proposed extension, which will provide space for local groups and clubs, would add to an existing flooding problem which affects a nearby play park.

But Flood Prevention Technician Scott McBride said that the extension would not make the problem worse and that the area had been historically prone to flooding.

He said: “The play park has always flooded, even before the cafe was on the site. A photo emerged from 1928 which showed that the area was once marsh land. There was once a well and pond on the site.”

Mr McBride said that the drainage required to collect excess water already existed beneath the ground but had been covered over. He added that there would be a budget next year for renewed drainage at the site.

Peterhead North and Rattray Councillor Fiona McRae welcomed the 2013 budget, saying that it was “very good news.”