Councillors decide new parking rules

Peterhead car park
Peterhead car park

Buchan councillors have taken the bold decision to recommend free parking for one hour AND free parking after 3pm in Peterhead.

The decision was made following a review of car parking charges in Aberdeenshire.

Four proposals were developed at the August 27 meeting which included free parking after 3pm in all Pay and Display car parks, free parking for one hour, the removal of Pay and Display at Broad Street and the installation of barriers in Threadneedle Street and Princes Street car parks.

Following the last meeting, a public consultation exercise took place which attracted just four responses.

One of the responses supported the free hour period as it “gives the most flexibility”, while another said: “Making Broad Street free will not help shoppers and workers will park there all day.”

The public responses and original proposals were discussed by councillors and from this they decided to support the free hour parking period and free after 3pm.

It was agreed Broad Street should remain as a Pay and Display car park and barriers at Threadneeedle Street and Prince Street would not go ahead at this time.

At the meeting, Cllr Stuart Pratt said: “I support the free hour and free after 3pm as it gives people more time and will have much more of an impact on the town.”

Cllr Stephen Smith agreed, saying: “One free hour would help businesses and free after 3pm would get people into Peterhead. This is all about using our assets to give the town a boost.”

However, Cllr Tom Malone asked if the free hour could be extended: “We want people to stay, meet up with friends and have a blether - turn their trip into a social event more than just a quick shopping visit.”