Consultation on blueprint draws to close

A consultation on the first stage in the preparation of one of the most important planning documents for Aberdeenshire is coming to an end.

Members of the public are encouraged to have their say on the consultation on the Main Issues Report for the area’s emerging Local Development Plan (LDP).

The Aberdeenshire LDP 2016 will be a planning blueprint for the future of the area.

It will include policies and proposals to determine where new development such as housing and offices will be built from 2017 until 2027.

Residents, developers and anyone else with an interest in the future development of the area can comment on the Main Issues Report until the end of January.

The report is designed to encourage discussion and debate on which policy and development options should be included in the Proposed Local Development Plan, which will be produced for a final period of comment in Autumn 2014.

During November and December, 41 public meetings were held across Aberdeenshire for communities to hear more about the Main Issues Report and to find out how to get involved in the consultation process.

Head of Planning and Building Standards, Robert Gray, said: “It is now vital that local communities and anyone with an interest in the future development of Aberdeenshire send us their comments, as we can only take account of views submitted to us in writing.

“We have already received numerous comments but expect to receive many more over the next few weeks as we approach the deadline.”

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Peter Argyle, also urged people to respond to the consultation process.

Anyone who wants to have a say in the future development of Aberdeenshire and has not yet formally commented on the Main Issues Report is urged to do so by February 1.

More information and a response form can be found at: