Community spirit for Boddam Hall

Boddam Public Hall
Boddam Public Hall

The new committee at a community hall threatened with closure has said they wish to bring the facility back into the “heart of the community”.

Boddam Public Hall faced closure last year as it struggled to find members for a new committee but that issue has since been resolved with the Boddam Hall Committee taking up the reins.

Speaking for the new Boddam Hall Committee, their treasurer said: “We’re keeping is just as it was but as a committee we’re encouraging more community events.

“We really want to get the community support back and get the hall back in the heart of the community.”

The new committee are keen to bring back kids discos to the hall and have also organised a race night on March 12 to be held at the hall.

The treasurer said: “We want to get the community behind us and to support us and we have seen that spirit in people.”

The committee have also stressed that they are planning to oversee Boddam Public Hall long term and avoid the situation which saw the facility so near to closure in 2015.

The Boddam Hall Committee Treasurer said: “The people who have committed to the hall now have committed for as long as we can and we are here to stay.

“We want to keep it open and to what needs to be done to keep it open.”

The committee will hold a bag back at Morrisons in Peterhead on February 13 to help raise money for the hall.

They are also planning on bringing back popular bingo nights to the hall and hosting coffee mornings in the coming months.

The committee would also welcome any sponsors for their race night to be held on March 12.

The treasurer said: “We are looking for sponsors for anyone who wants to sponsor a race or give prizes for a raffle.”