Theatre Modo and Santa making their way down Marischal Street as part of the Glow Parade
Theatre Modo and Santa making their way down Marischal Street as part of the Glow Parade
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A colourful Christmas is on the verge of being cancelled in Peterhead this year due to lack of funds being donated to the Light Up Peterhead campaign.

The hard-working committee of volunteers has had to give up the baton to ensure that there is a Christmas light display in the town.

Costs for erection, removal, storage, insurance, maintenance and the switch-on parade have traditionally amounted to more than £8,000 annually.

In a bid to drive on an ambitious fundraising campaign to safeguard the lights, Peterhead Civic Society has taken over the reins and has set its sights high.

Upon hearing of the plight of the LUP committee, the society chose to step in and pick up the baton to try and raise the money to make sure Christmas goes on in Peterhead.

Vice-chair Karin McGivern told us: “Our plans are to get the lights up and have a switch-on parade and carol concert this year, then look forward to see how we can streamline the process and improve on the amazing work already done by the LUP committee.

“The committee have done a brilliant job of fundraising and installation of infrastructure over the last five years.”

2013 should have been the year that the last of the infrastructure was to be put in place and from here on the focus would have been on general maintenance and installation.

Karin continued: “Local businesses and groups have been very generous to-date and the money they have donated has been put to great use investing in new electrical connections, lights and associated support.

“But there is a cost every year and funds have to be continually topped up. With this in mind we are launching our ‘Pound for Christmas’ campaign.

“With over 10,000 homes in Peterhead it should be fairly straightforward to raise the money needed to put up the Christmas lights this year and make a good start on next year.

“We are asking that every household in Peterhead donate £1 to help keep the Christmas lights going. This, coupled with a sponsorship campaign for businesses giving them publicised recognition for their support, should mean that smashing the £10,000 target, we have set ourselves, is highly achievable.”

Donation tins will be appearing in local shops in the next few weeks, an online donation facility is available at via or donating directly to the society. Sponsorship opportunities for local businesses are available which give publicised recognition to each sponsor and can be discussed by contacting Karin at