Chief executive hails busy summer for Peterhead port

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PETERHEAD port has seen a busy summer with fish landings at a high and prices heading for record levels.

Port authority chief executive, John Wallace, told the Buchanie yesterday (Monday), that there had been an additional 4.200 tonnes of whitefish through the port (1,200 consigned), but the down side was that shellfish landings at the port had dropped 500 tonnes, although that had been expected.

“The other healthy aspect is that there has been an additional 30,000 tonnes of herring and blue whiting landings at the port,” he said.

“To the end of August the value of fish landed totalled £104.5m, which was ahead of last year’s record-breaking figure.”

Mr Wallace said that there were a few large maintenance projects currently either ongoing or beginning in the next few weeks.

“The Princess Royal Jetty piles are getting blasted and re-coded by a local company, Patsy Bruce painter, who fought off competition on a national level,” he said.

“They’re doing a great job which was necessary to maintain the jetty’s integrity.

“They’ve had a very poor summer of weather, but it’s looking to be completed in about a month’s time.”

Mr Wallace said that they were also upgrading the shiplift’s ventilation system and this will be a 12-week contract starting in October.

“This is a large-scale project and will bring the shiplift right upt to date and maintain its reputation as the premier facility for ship repair.”

Mr Wallace said that a new laundry facility had also been constructed at the marina, which would prevent the need for mariners to go to the caravan park and use their facilities.

He added that Peterhead Port Authority’s application to erect two wind turbines at the harbour was progressing.

“We are still working with the environmental health officer at Aberdeenshire Council to establish background noise levels and we have concluded our bird study and we anticipate it will be going forward to the planning committee around October or November.

“All our quays remain busy and we are driving forward with support work and cargo and on the fishing front,” he added.