Carbon Capture plans go on show at Palace Hotel


Plans which detail the new Shell Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project at Peterhead power station went on show last week.

The exhibition was held first at the public hall in Bodam then at the Palace Hotel in Peterhead on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Details were shared about how the proposed CO2 capture and storage facilities will be built, what they will look like and how they will operate.

The information presented forms the basis of the Onshore Enviromental Impact Assesment (EIA), which Shell will submit to the regulatory authorities next month.

Project leader Bill Spence told the Buchanie: “We’ve been going full speed ahead with the project for just over a year now.

“We’re really pleased with the progress and today has been a great opportunity to share with the public just what we are proposing to do in and around the power station.

“We are really conscious that we want to work with the community.

“Front of mind for us is to try and manage the noise and keep it as low as possible.

“We also need to manage the traffic. The road is already busy and we don’t want to add further congestion anymore than we need to.

“Also the visual impact when you look at the power station. We wan’t to make sure we don’t lose the nice view of the harbour and the sea.”

Mr Spence also spoke on the environmental impact of the new technology.

“The most imprtant enviromental aspect is that we will be able to capture 90% of the CO2 from one of these turbines.

“The first and foremost part of the project is to reduce CO2 and to start delivering the energy without it.

“There will be secondary effects, we will have to use some chemicals to help with the emissions in which case we will have to make sure those chemicals are properly contained enough and that they are not making their way into nature.”