Call for marketing drive on council units

How the new Peterhead council base will look at St Peter Street
How the new Peterhead council base will look at St Peter Street

Calls are being made for a comprehensive marketing strategy of Aberdeenshire Council’s properties in Peterhead.

It comes on the back of the planned creation of the local authority headquarters on the town’s St Peter Street.

Now that the site for the new council HQ has been established, the tendering process is now underway.

It is anticipated that the building will start in the Spring of this year.

However, given the volume of prime properties in the town which the council will be vacating come the opening of the new facility, councillors Alan Gardiner and Tom Malone are seeking assurances from the council that a full and far-reaching marketing strategy will be initiated as a matter of urgency.

Cllr Gardiner told us: “We have emphasised from the onset of the proposals to build on this site that Aberdeenshire Council adopts a robust marketing strategy to dispose of properties to be vacated.

“We simply cannot allow any of these buildings to be left unused or become derelict.

“This would be wholly contrary to the entire regeneration initiative.”

Meanwhile, the two councillors have been in talks with senior council admninistration members over the contining Aldi saga at the former Kirkburn Mill site.

Echoing the concerns of townsfolk and businesses, alike, they feel very strongly that leaving the Aldi site in its current undeveloped and derelict condition is quite simply unacceptable to the residents of Peterhead and for the image of the town.

Cllr Malone said: We have therefore met with the senior leaders of the Aberdeenshire Alliance last week who agreed to seek to apply all the necessary pressure on Aldi and to explore all feasible options to find a solution as a matter of urgency.”