Business lost as phone cable cut at new KFC site

Construction is underway at the site of the new KFC in Peterhead
Construction is underway at the site of the new KFC in Peterhead

Two Boddam businesses were without a phone line and internet access early last week after a cable was cut at the new KFC site on the outskirts of Peterhead.

Peter Stevenson Cars and the Sandford Garage were affected after the phone cable was cut on Friday, May 2.

Work at the new KFC site in Peterhead

Work at the new KFC site in Peterhead

Both garages could not make phone calls or access the internet, which disabled their card payment machines making business near impossible.

Peter Stevenson said: “We lost our phone connection at around 1.30pm on the Friday, it briefly worked on the Saturday but it didn’t get back to normal until Wednesday and even then our card systems were still down.

“Internet access is paramount for businesses these days and we lost business and couldn’t sell cars because we couldn’t accept card payments.

“It has been very frustrating for us and we are angry it took so long to get sorted.”

Peter phoned BT on his mobile after discovering the lines were down as he explained: “They weren’t very helpful and said I would have to agree to pay a £225 call out charge before an engineer could be allocated to come out and look at the situation despite the fact that what happened was not my fault.

“I was on the phone for about an hour trying to reason with them.”

He added: “We were told that BT had left a marked area around the cable telling construction workers not to touch it but a digger cut straight through it.”

After the Buchanie contacted BT, a spokesperson for the telecommunications company said: “A member of our rapid response team headed out on Bank Holiday Monday to repair the line and successfully managed to get everything working by Tuesday, May 6.”

A spokesperson for the franchise that operates KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Scotland said they were aware of the incident: “Whenever work starts on a new site, we always ask construction companies to work closely with utility companies to ensure that we do not interfere with local services.

“On this occasion, unfortunately one of the phone lines was hit during construction, and we expect BT and the construction company to resolve this matter.”

The new KFC drive-thru restaurant is located at the Invernettie Roundabout and is expected to be open by the summer.